The Consulting Company, CSA of Japan

 Computer Simulation and Analysis of Japan (CSAJ) is a consulting company located in Tokyo Japan. The staff of CSAJ consists of nuclear and software engineers that specialize in providing services to the nuclear industry. CSAJ has provided technical and consulting services to nuclear electric utilities, national research laboratories, private research organizations and government agencies. This experience base allows CSAJ to provide support in nearly every aspect of the nuclear industry.

 CSAJ was established in 1999 by a group of nuclear safety analysis with the idea of providing the industry with an organization that can bring an independent and neutral view to projects involving nuclear safety. Since CSAJ is owned by the founding engineers, it is not a subsidiary company. This is a key factor in providing review and support for safety analysis projects that require and independent or neutral approach.

 The success of CSAJ is based on key operating guidelines. First, while CSAJ believes that the evolution of more powerful computing technologies are important to the industry, it is vital that good engineering judgment always guides the analysis process.

 Second CSAJ believes that it is important to be innovative and open minded in solving problems. In some cases, methods or techniques that have been successful in the past may no longer work in a new application. Rather than try to fit the new problem to the old solution, CSAJ is always looking for new ways and strategies that expand our abilities.

 Finally the environment at CSAJ is an atmosphere of respect and cooperation. At CSAJ, all staff are viewed as colleagues and ideas are freely shared. This approach to management provides superior communication and efficient problem solving.

 These guidelines have proven very successful for CSAJ and ultimately translate to timely and efficient solutions for our clients.

 CSAJ is a company of engineers, founded by engineers and dedicated to finding efficient engineering solutions to technical problems. All of the individuals at CSAJ are engineers who are focused on working with the technical staff of our clients. We speak the language of engineers while at the same time we manage and successfully grow our company.

Our service

Thermal Hydraulic Analysis

 Thermal hydraulic analysis is one of the most important analyses for nuclear power plant safety. Analysts are required to have profound knowledge of the plant, techniques of using analysis codes, knowledge in thermal-hydraulics and mathematics, and rich experience in safety analyses in general. It is all because nuclear power plants are composed of advanced technology systems constructed with complex equipments and control systems. CSAJ staff has this knowledge, skills and experience because we have been successfully doing it for over 20 years. For example,

  - We have analyzed numerous commercial and test reactors.
  - We have developed many computer programs for thermal-hydraulic analysis.
  - We have made improvement to analysis codes by adding new models.

 We have experience and are skillful in using the major thermal hydraulic analysis codes such as RELAP, TRAC, RETRAN, and COBRA.

Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Quantitative Solutions
 Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) is one of the solution techniques to estimate reliability by using statistics. Reliability is very important in many fields such as nuclear, chemical, aerospace, transportation and military fields because the very first priority of these fields is safety. PRA can provide valuable information to design, operate, and maintain complicated systems.

Cost Effectiveness
 You care about finance in running your business, don't you? Do you need an investigation about the effectiveness and the cost? PRA can also help to solve this question.

 Accident sequence analysis, that is one of the tasks in PRA, can provide occurrence frequencies of several accident sequences. By comparing relative magnitude of them, it helps to make a decision on how the safety-related equipment works. This analysis also helps to reduce accident frequencies. PRA can show the effectiveness to a change, and the cost associated with the change. We can make relationship between the effectiveness and the cost of a change. This helps to run your business better.

Application of PRA
 CSAJ has a lot of experience to use this methodology for the nuclear plants and nuclear fuel plants. We are also experienced in seismic PRA analysis of nuclear plants. Our track record provides confidence in helping you. We have a lot of knowledge in nuclear plants and skills of the PRA methodology.

Software Services

1) Supporting Sales of Software
 CSAJ have experienced marketing of software for safety analysis such as:
  - RETRAN maintained by Computer Simulation & Analysis, Inc.
  - VIPRE maintained by Computer Simulation & Analysis, Inc.
  - RISKMAN developed by PLG(ABS Group of Companies, Inc.)
 We can support your software not only with distribution, but also with treating the technical issues.
 New users may need technical supports until actual use. These are:
  - Localized technical instructions
  - Installation and setting on user's environment
  - Making sample problems simulating customer's theme

 These are necessary to make good use of the software for a long time.

2) Developing Software
 Generally, if an existing analysis code is available, it is reasonable to continue to use it with continued code improvement. But when there is no available code, you need to develop adequate one. In such cases, we have developed smart codes with Fortran language. we have also developed Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for safety analysis codes.

3) Software Maintenance
 Maintenance of complicated analysis codes must be continuously supported owing to its complexity. With the smart skill to treat complicated codes, CSAJ has taken care of them successfully.

4) Technical Research Services
 CSAJ also provides technical research service.
 This service consists of following 3 steps:
  - Introduce advanced methodologies from overseas to domestic customers
  - Investigate the methodology's availability, computer program for its partial or total solution
  - Quantify and Estimate of the efficiencies
 Target research scope is not limited to thermal hydraulic analysis and PRA, but also including:
  - HLW disposal
  - Public communication methodology
  - Protection against disaster
  - Decommissioning of NPPs

Support of Business Expansion in the Japanese Market

 CSAJ provides the various services to support the business development in Japan. We support you to
  - Introduce, market, and consult your premier products to government organization and industries in Japan.
  - Coordinate meetings with your clients in Japan
  - Negotiate for establishing partnership
 We have experiences to tie up with the following companies.
  - Zachry Nuclear Engineering Inc.
  - ABS Consulting, Inc. (PLG)
  - RMA (Risk Management Associates)
  - Scientech, Inc.
  - Etranco, Inc.
  - MPR Associates, Inc.
  - MST(Micro-Simulation Technology) Co., Ltd